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YoungAndWiser, Inc.

Vision - YoungAndWiser, Inc. envisions a world in which empowered young adults and adolescents are able to make positive and healthy lifestyle choices with increased awareness and understanding of the developmental challenges they face physically, socially, and emotionally.

Mission - We provide developmental education programs and services and collaborate with educational and other institutions serving adolescents and young adults.

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We  train students, parents, counselors, and educators

This is a widespread problem on campuses and it has become a national scandal. We have new solutions to this vexing problem.

Some developmental theorists have claimed that young people achieve a coherent identity and later they master intimacy. In reality, college students are pushed to do those tasks simultaneously.

With an uncertain identity, social and sexual behavior is unsteady and de-personalized. Students need to understand the developmental pressures they are experiencing to minimize the effects of auto-piloting their way into trouble. Our developmental model gives them these needed tools to understand what's happening to them and enables them to develop a safe flight plan. Please help in this effort.

Major Focus for 2015 Stop Sexual Assault
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See our program flier here Intern of the Year - Jonathan Ramirez

Mr. Ramirez was a Nonprofit Management Intern who will be graduating soon. Occasionally we have the pleasure of meeting extraordinary people. Jonathan is one of these in several ways. His enthusiasm is contagious and his sense of humor makes working with him a pleasure. He arrived full of ideas and constantly looked for new ways to help our organization grow and flourish. Jonathan didn’t just show up consistently, he showed all of us what optimism and hard work can do.

Thank you Jonathan, YoungAndWiser, Inc. is a better organization because you were here!

Be a part of our research to help youth. (It’s anonymous!) Featured Intern

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Meet Jodi Siebert

Jodi is a new Social Work intern from The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga but she’s not new to the prevention and service fields.

She has experience in a sexual assault crisis center and life experience that gives her a keen perspective on youth development.

Jodi will be co-presenting our Sexual Assault prevention workshops (see flier here)  and training and she has also helped establish a group for adults who want to return to college.

YoungAndWiser, Inc. welcomes her passion and creativity. Stay tuned, We’ll keep you posted on Jodi’s activities and other activities on our Twitter feed on this page.