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YoungAndWiser, Inc. We  train students, parents, counselors, and educators

This organization and the idea behind it were developed by

Tom Bissonette, MSW. The underlying concept is simple - yet profound. Most, if not all adolescents and young adults experience developmental delays in one or more areas. The purpose of this organization is to help them catch up to themselves and their peers through life education.

For, example one student might be academically advanced but way behind most of her peers socially. Another might be just the opposite. A third might be ready intellectually and cognitively for college but may lack coping skills - a delay in emotional development. By now you get the picture. But it’s not enough just to be aware of these delays!

Because this type of developmental catchup takes much time and energy to address, young people often have to neglect other areas. That’s why, for example, some students get to college and party heavily and don’t devote enough time to their studies. They aren’t deliberately failing, they are just trying to fit in socially - maybe for the first time. Some of them will use alcohol and drugs as a social crutch and compound their problems.

There are other hazards for young people and the decisions they make often have life long consequences. Many of these mistakes can be prevented or at least we can show them how to cope and overcome adversity.

That’s where the YoungAndWiser™ approach comes in. We help young people understand what's happening to them by training peers or adult mentors to reach students in a way that reflects understanding of their experiences. We give them the truth and the tools to catch up in the needed areas without falling behind in others. Our motto is, "We Trust Youth with the Truth." Contact us and we’ll show you how to use our method.


Our founder has over 20 years experience as a counselor and has taught adolescent development in college for over 20 years.

Since we are a non-profit and most of our services are free to the public we depend on the generosity of others to be able to provide these vital services. We are always look for volunteers and supporters.Pleae help us by donating or volunteering.

About Us Hello, we are YoungAndWiser, Inc. - A non-profit  service organization for youth. Our model is based on Developmental theory and research Supported by donations and grants Featured Presenter
Founder - Tom Bissonette