"We Trust Youth with the Truth"

Service Options



We offer internship opportunities for students who are self-directed and eager to participate in the operation of the organization. The title of the position is “Administrative Intern.” As this implies the student will have specific management duties along with other activates based on their interest and talents.


Below are some of the activities that will be available for interns in my non-profit organization:

1) Grant writing.

2) Developing marketing tools such as brochures, fliers, etc.

3) Creating and conducting presentations for potential donors or supporters of the organization.

4) Recruiting faculty and student speakers.

5) Assisting in development of multimedia training programs for college and high school students.

6) Establishing links with new sponsors.

7) Assisting with conducting meetings, setting agendas and assigning tasks. Of course other opportunities will emerge out of the above.

If you or a peer would be interested in these types of activities please let me know.


Tom Bissonette Founder/Director YoungAndWiser, Inc.


Email: tom@youngandwiser.org

Phone: 423.402.9520




The mentoring program is designed to provide youth with the opportunity to learn about their own development and the issues that can complicate or prevent a smooth and healthy transition to adulthood. We also help students prepare for college. Many programs assist with financial and academic issues but we focus on the emotional and social aspects of the college experience.

We tell the truth and give both sides. We don’t prescribe what they “should do” we tell them the pros and the cons. Since youth are typically capable of rational thought they can do a cost-benefit analysis if they truly understand what the costs and benefits are.

A good example is bullying which virtually everyone agrees is bad but it persists because the bully is getting some kind of benefit. Perhaps this is the only way for this individual to feel status. But it’s not enough to just say that; we must also give the bullying person an alternative way of imagining status and actually experiencing it. Further, people don’t change because of pressure from others (at least not in a lasting way). They are more likely to sustain change if the pressure is internal. So we believe that by understanding their own development, and why their behavior makes sense, we can facilitate a shift to internal pressure. Of course, we all tend to like to do things when the idea comes from us and many of us resist ideas that come from others.


So, the short version is that we encourage growth through self-awareness and internal motivation and create experiences that show another path is possible. And of course, whether intentionally or otherwise, we serve as role models. Because our interns are usually not much older than our mentees, this is often even truer!


Service Projects


YoungAndWiser, Inc.provides services to the community based on our availability, and all service projects are developed by interns. Each semester we brainstorm about community needs and design a short-term project. This offers a unique opportunity for interns and volunteers to learn about project development and administration, fundraising, and the practical skills required for each project. This is often the most gratifying part of involvement in our organization, especially since it's student lead.