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YoungAndWiser, Inc. We  train students, parents, counselors, and educators Our Programs and Services

1) School Mentoring Groups - These groups are conducted by trained Social Work, Psychology and Education interns. They usually consist of 8-10 weeks of sessions offering life education based on the YAW Asynchrony Model. They can be customized to meet your students needs. Cost- No charge

2) Individual Education, Consultation, and Mentoring - Only qualified staff such as licensed social workers or certified teachers trained in our method provide these services. Cost: Based on family income - $25-75 per session.

(Note: This is not psychotherapy but can be effective in addressing non-clinical problems).

3) Referral Services - For those who we believe could benefit more from clinical therapy or counseling, we will help find an appropriate service provider.

Institutional Programs
We will visit your middle school, high school, or university, and do presentations and/or train your staff.

Our presentations foster real and lasting change...

How we reduce your cost...

YoungAndWiser, Inc. pays for our own travel expenses whenever possible. 
 Inquiries about custom programs are welcome. (Webinars are also available). *Prices may differ for special events or more than one event in your region. We encourage partnering with other institutions/organizations to share cost.
Some topics we cover...
 Topic  Program Description  Length Standard Price
Alcohol and DrugAbuse/
This Program pairs an experienced clinician/preventionist and a young adult(s) with a solid recovery history. This presentation is based on sound theory and the direct experience of someone to whom students will easily relate. 90 Min.- 2 hr. presentation
(Option of 2-3 sessions on same day available at discount rate)
Per each agreement

Sexual Assault This program brings together a known victim/advocate with Developmental Educator, Tom Bissonette in a dynamic, new approach to prevention. Yours students will never see sexual misconduct in the same way again. Two - 90 Min.-2 Hour
presentations or the full presentations and staff training package.
Per each agreement
Eating Disorders This team is comprised of an E.D. treatment specialist and a young adult with a successful treatment experience and ongoing recovery.   90 Min.-2 Hour
Per each agreement

Bullying/Hazing This program pairs an experienced presenter with young adult(s) who bullied and/or were bullied as teens and/or college students. Includes cyber-bullying and hazing. 2-2.5 Hour presentation Per each agreement

College Success This unusually frank presentation involves explaining how to succeed by studying strategically, not "hard." It demonstrates how to beat the system by joining the system. It comes with a warning to be careful because scholarship can be addictive! 90 Min.- 2 Hour Presentation & student panel Per each agreemen

 Spirituality Thomas Balistrieri will lead a profound journey into self-discovery and examining our relationship to everything else. Suitable for almost all students or staff regardless of their current belief system.   Customized Per each agreement
Listen to young entrepreneurs explain how they did it, and a professor discuss how it's possible for anyone - if you know the secrets of successful businesses. Includes business ethics.   Customized Per each agreement
Disability Programs Learn why we should serve the disabled; not just to help them, but also to help ourselves.   Customized Per each agreement
Available for all topics

Trainers will visit your site (or do video conferences) and implement a prevention training module. We consult with your staff first to define the scope of the training and who will participate. We work with staff, faculty and/or student leaders to develop an ongoing transferrable protocol. Tune-up sessions are also an option.   Customized Per each agreement

Direct Youth Services