YoungAndWiser Inc. is a 501c3 nonprofit, formed in 2011. Our organization provides life education to teens and young adults. Everything we do is based on our own model called the Asynchronous Development Assessment Profile for Teens and Above (A.D.A.P.T.A.). This profile is available to young people so they can consider their individual development in eight different categories compared to peers and thrit own aspirations. 

It is well established that youth engage in “social comparison” - in other words, they compare themselves to others to determine what is normal or desirable. Hence, the level of asynchrony (unevenness) in one or more areas that they perceive will determine the amount of pressure they feel. They may feel ahead or behind in their development. If they feel too far behind, they will tend to try to catch up (take short cuts), give up (if the gap seems too great), or step up (find a planned way to grow). If they feel too far ahead, they may isolate themselves or sabotage their progress to fit in. It is better if they take deliberate steps to address the imbalances they may feel. Please keep in mind a few basic principles that guide our work at YoungAndWiser, Inc. 

1.       We respect the intelligence and dignity of youth. 
2.       We trust in their ability to solve problems once they understand them 
3.       We do not preach or use scare tactics to persuade them to be “good.” 
4.       We tell the truth and allow them to make their own choices. 
5.       All people must be aware of their own developmental issues to have a sensible plan for growth.   

MISSION STATEMENT Vision - YoungAndWiser, Inc. envisions a world in which empowered young adults and adolescents are able to make positive and healthy lifestyle choices with increased awareness and understanding of the developmental challenges they face physically, socially, and emotionally. Mission - We provide developmental education programs and services and collaborate with educational and other institutions serving adolescents and young adults.